CerCube for YouTube

CerCube for YouTube

By YouTube (tweaked by Laxus)

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Hack Features:
• Cercube 5
-- Block all advertisements & Enable background playback.
-- Set default player quality on WiFi & Celullar.
-- Save videos in high resolution, save videos as audio-only, save public playlists (beta).
-- And many more...
• YouTube Dislike Return: brings back Dislike counts under YouTube videos using ReturnYoutubeDislike's API.
• YouMute: Add Mute Button inside Video
• YTAutoFullScren: Auto Fullscreen when click on Video
• YouPIP: Unlock PIP mode
• YTClassicQuality: Bring back old video quality selection
• YTNoPremium and Promo: Remove annoying youtube premium banner and the paid promo
• YTReExplore: Bring back Explore category instead of Shorts
• YTShortsProgress: Add progress slider in Youtube Shorts



Last Updated

July 21, 2023

CerCube for YouTube