uYou+ for YouTube

uYou+ for YouTube

By YouTube (tweaked by qnblackcat)

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uYou+ is a modified version of uYou (made by @MiRO92) with additional features and mainly made for non jailbroken users!

Warning: Google once again added new implementation that prevents users from signing in to modified YouTube apps. This only affect new user (first time sign-in). If you have been logged in already on the old version, DO NOT uninstall the app. Otherwise, you'll have trouble logging back in. A workaround for this issue can be found here:

Change Log

• YouTube v18.01.6.
• iSponsorBlock: Fixed iSponsorBlock's dialog is unresponsive (#854). (may cause unwanted effect(s) on iPad?)
• Return YouTube Dislike v1.11.0: The dislike numbers, when “Exact dislike numbers” option is disabled, are now formatted based on your app language.
• YouPiP v1.17.18:
-- Fixed PiP not activating for some people.
-- Fixed "Fake YouTube version" not restoring the old video bar for some people.
• YTUHD v1.3.5: Updated spoof version to 15.7.2 (for iOS 14 users).
• YTABConfig v1.5.0:
-- Tap on each A/B setting to reveal its class, copy it to clipboard or delete itself from the modified list.
-- Fixed "View modified settings" showing outdated settings.
-- Minor optimizations.
• uYouPlus: Fixed playback speed doesn’t “save” when switching to another video.

• If you like the app, considering support the developers:
• YTUHD is not stable atm. You might encounter stuttering, heat, battery drain..., especially when playing at 2160p (4K) quality.
• Deep-link (aka Open in the YouTube App) simply will not work. Fortunately, there are several workarounds here:


18.01.6 (2.3.1)

Last Updated

January 17, 2023

uYou+ for YouTube