Electra/Th0r Jailbreak Remover

Electra/Th0r Jailbreak Remover

By pwned4ever

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Electra/Th0r Jailbreak Remover VFS version: 4
This app/tool will remove all the jailbreak data/files/tweaks/apps/themes from the stock iOS file system, otherwise known as the root "/" filesystem directory. It will first delete all the cached content that I could possibly see from a jailbreak, in "/private" directory sub-folders. It'll then revert the rootFS(file system) "/" back to stock iOS.
You stay on the current iOS firmware the device is on. This tool will not delete any personal/user data, pictures, apps, messages, contacts, etc. That will only get deleted if you choose to do an Erase All Content And Settings.


4.1 beta1-3

Last Updated

January 28, 2019

Electra/Th0r Jailbreak Remover