Spotify Deluxe

Spotify Deluxe

By Spotify (tweaked by Jacks_Cracks)

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A new Spotify tweak that I think most people will like

Change Log

• Spotilife 1.8 julioverne Premium for free
• SpotilifeFix MainRepo make people who don't have premium get premium but you will see the "premium" button and the account tab will say that your account is free but you should still have all the other feature (apart from download)
• SpotifyHIFIUnlocker Furman @mdfurman give you the HIFI early but it is a beta so keep that in mind (so you won't see the button)
• ColorBoard 0.0.4 Guillermo Moran Changes your keyboard's colour based on the app's icon colour
• SpotifyEqualizerEnhancer 1.2.0 level3tjg Makes the equalizer so much better
• SpotifyAllowSetting 1.0 BigBoss Enable all of the settings in Spotify that are usually disabled when using pc



Last Updated

February 26, 2023